Give Skin, Hair and Nails an Overhaul With Nutrients

Give Skin, Hair and Nails an Overhaul With Nutrients Thinking Woman
This beauty is doing everything right with how she glows.


Perhaps, you’re not as proud of your complexion, hair and nails as you would like to be.  Despite the best beauty products available that you may have tried, nothing seems to give you the changes that you had hoped to see by now.  However, have you ever considered that the reason for the disappointing way your skin, hair or nails may appear could be from a vitamin deficiency and lack of certain needed nutrients?

Since we are composed of what we eat, then you need to take into account that the skin renews itself every thirty days.  Hair grows on an average of half an inch in that same amount of time.  Nails take months to repair their condition, but even a damaged nail you lose can grow back in about six months.  Therefore, it is a logical assumption that your body may not be receiving enough of those essential nutrients to affect how those cells are growing.

To help skin, hair and nails thrive, concentrate on nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids that can deal with inflammation.  You find it in walnuts, tuna, salmon, nuts, and olive oil to name just a few.

Coenzyme Q10 or ubiquinone is another antioxidant beneficial for the skin that you might want to include more in your diet.  This fat soluble nutrient offers protection from harmful free radicals.  Rich sources are found in foods such as organ meats, beef, chicken, herring, mackerel, peanuts, spinach, and cauliflower.

Selenium also is vital.  This mineral also acts as antioxidant to help defend the skin against the sun.  Without enough of this nutrient, you could be losing more hair than you like or finding your hair doesn’t seem to grow to overly white nails.  Walnuts, tuna, wheat, and rice are good to add to your diet.

Biotin is another B-complex vitamin (B7) that is important not to neglect for beautifying skin as well as vitamin B complex also in general for improving nail strength and thickening the hair.  Looking to foods such as peanuts, milk and dairy products, almonds, and egg yolks can help.

Vitamin A can help the skin repair and regenerate itself.  It also helps assists with sebum production in the scalp to keep hair properly lubricated instead of drying out. Nails need their ample share of it to keep from turning brittle and cracking.  You’ll find leafy green and yellow vegetables wonderful sources.

Two antioxidants that shouldn’t be taken lightly are vitamin C and E when it comes to giving skin, hair and nails a beauty boost.  Vitamin C is easily found in citrus fruits, strawberries, grapes, blackberries, etc. Sunflower seeds, spinach, avocado, and sweet potato can provide vitamin E.

Beauty and health do start from within.  Here’s hoping that this information will help change the overall balance within your own body so later it can manifest on the outside for those beautiful results that you are looking for.



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