How to Save Feet From Suffering Before Your Workout

workout shoes and dumbbells to save feet from suffering before your workout
This post can help you get more out of your workout.

You might be trying to get back in shape.   Before you start a workout program, your choice of shoes can either help or hinder your efforts.  However, there are some things that you need to think about when it relates to your shoes that can make a difference.

When you are debating over a new pair of workout shoes make sure that you have some extra room for your toes to account for movement. Otherwise, your toes can hurt from ramming into the front of the shoes.  You should have about one-half inch of wiggle room from the toe area.

Consider the front design of the toe box before making a final choice.  A wider toe box will give your toes as well as the sides of your feet more room.  A more narrow toe box limits space.  Keep the design in mind when you try a pair on.  After all, you don’t want toes to feel crammed together or the feet to experience tightness from too slim a fit.

Do yourself a favor and test the toe bed out for flexibility.  If you find movement hard, then imagine what your feet will feel like after exercising?  Another pair that can adapt better to your body in motion will feel more comfortable.

Something else that can help is protecting your little toes since extra friction can lead to corns.  An easy fix to ward this potential problem is by covering them with some padding like an adhesive bandage can be all it takes to keep them safe.

Arch support is important to defend the feet against tiredness and soreness.   The right fit can also help prevent lower back pain from improper body alignment.

Sweaty feet can lead to future pain if you don’t take some precautions.  Therefore, your choice of socks matters such as one with moisture wicking can help keep feet drier. Acrylic socks won’t get as wet when you sweat as natural materials like cotton or wool that will hold that moisture in.

Another idea is that you can always bring another pair of socks to change into when dampness first sets in. Taking a break to sprinkle some foot powder into your shoe also can do those feet wonders.

These few foot care tips can help get you to your fitness goals quicker.


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