Merkaela Summer 2017 Alive Box Review + Coupon


Merkaela ALIVE box
This box is more than natural products.  It can help you connect with yourself.


Those seeking to take a holistic approach for health and well-being need a natural health and wellness subscription box like Merkaela.  This box offers a quarterly collection of health, beauty and wellness products based on a theme to help clear and purify body, mind and spirit like the fascinating collection I discovered in their ALIVE box with their chemical-free, all natural, organic products.

The cost to subscribe to Merkaela is $58 per quarter.  You usually get anywhere from seven to 10 full size products along with a card describing the current box and an affirmation to give you some food for thought.  There is also an option for a total vegan box.


wearing green adventurine Merkaela gemstone
Here is the necklace that I wear constantly now.


A majority of their botanical products are made in house using nutrient-rich essential oils, herbs, and butters. What is unique about Merkaela is that they go one step further by activating all their products with energetic vibrations, which is intriguing to set them apart from other such subscriptions.

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You’re probably curious what products could be inside this Merkaela box that contained seven items.  I was more than amazed once I dug in and started to explore.

Here is what awaited me in the Merkaela Summer 2017 ALIVE Box.

The first product I pulled out was the Tangerine & Sage Shea Body Butter ($21).  This blend of sweetly intoxicating tangerine sage gave soothing moisture and offered a bit of aromatherapy in the process for calming after a stressful day.  It also helps reduce inflammation.

Next, I spotted Merkaela’s Calendula Lemon Salt Bath ($14).  This has body welcoming nutrients like magnesium and other beneficial ingredients to help relieve pain from aching muscles and rid it of trapped toxins.  It has an uplifting fresh scent that also boosts the spirit.

There was a Peppermint Soap Bar ($8.50) with a scent that stimulates the mind, especially helpful when used first thing in the morning in your shower.

Also, I found a bottle of Jasmine & Palo Santo Meditation Exilir ($21.11).  This is a magical elixir infused with Lunar energy and plant essence designed to heal bad thoughts that might be blocking you.  My mind is open to trying new things.  Therefore, I will be spraying this a lot because I am not one to turn away any possible help to improve my life.

Merkaela also provided a vitamin C rich tea with their Hibiscus–Tea Potion.  It made a delightful change from my usual coffee with just a few teaspoons to make a cup.

The sixth product that snagged my attention was the Sacred Sage Smudge Stick. This is a natural purifier meant to clear away bad energy.  I am not sure about how this sage bundle would work, but I will give it a shot.  Perhaps, I will burn it near my workspace to help my productivity.  I’ll let you know

Last by not least, I found a small box inside this bigger box with the Pink Lemurian Crystal Gemstone.  It is known as the stone to connect to your Spirit Guide and angels, which I would love to have some help from here on the earth plain.  Since this stone had a place where you can insert a chain, I IMMEDIATELY grabbed a chain and now never take my necklace off just when I get a bath or shower.  So far, I can’t say it brought the guidance I would gladly welcome, but I am patient and will give it a chance.

If you’re looking for a box that might help raise your awareness, you would love Merkaela. In fact, you can save  15% off their Quarterly Subscription (Month to Month) using coupon code  ALIVE15 at checkout. Another coupon code that I have for you can save you even more.  Use coupon code ALIVE20 for 20% off for a Yearly Subscription!

Honestly, I don’t about the mystical aspects of Merkaela, but I love it because it brings you some extra hope besides healthier, organic products and an affirmation that lifts the spirit!


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