No Make No Life July 2017 Japanese Beauty Box Review + Coupon Code


Japanese beauty box nmnl box July 2017
You get all FULL size beauty products in this great box!


When I heard about No Make No Life, a Japanese beauty box, I was even more excited to experience another culture’s take on beauty, especially with how devoted Japanese are to their skin care and makeup. In fact, they even coined a phrase for it, “nomakeolife,” the belief that makeup is essential to their lives.

If you never heard of this beauty subscription box, then I’ll fill you in.  Each nmnl box brings the latest Japanese trends straight to your door with five to seven full size products for skin, body, cosmetics, tools, hair, and bath for just $29.99 a month and free shipping to more than 120 countries.  The price gets even lower with a longer commitment such as $87.00 for three months, $170.00 for six and $330.00 for a year.

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This box already sounds intriguing, but the real fun is after you dive into your first box of these exotic beauty goodies. You won’t be able to read the Japanese labels, but each box is accompanied with a booklet in English on all the products and how to use them.

swatch of CC cream from No Make No Life July 2017 Japanese Beauty Box
Here I swatched this Peach CC cream.


I know that you must be dying waiting for me to finally tell you what was inside this July 2017 Japanese beauty box so I won’t delay a moment longer.

The first product I pulled out from this Japanese beauty box was Peelingood Peeling Gel Kit.  This lemon-scented product has papain, lemon fruit extract and hydrolyzed collagen to gently resurface the skin unlike an intense peel.  It has six large, black cotton tipped swabs for spreading the gel over your clean face until you massage it in. You don’t allow it to remain on your face too long after working it deeply into your skin before rinsing.  When I finished, I noticed skin felt fresher, smoother and somewhat toned from this delicate peeling kit.

I also had a chance to try an amazing facial mask.  The Hollywood Orchid Enzyme Mask comes in a foil package with two sides to it.  One side has a cream and other is a powder that only gets activated when blending the two together.  According to the directions, dry or sensitive skins need only to wear this on a clean face for about three to six minutes before rinsing off.  Oily complexions can leave it on longer about seven to ten minutes.  Being dry, I choose five minutes and found how wonderfully it improved texture and gave my complexion a healthy glow.

Sweets-Sweets Air Moisturizing CC Cream that arrived came in Peach.  This product has a great consistency and did a nice job to perfect with medium coverage, even out skin tone, moisture, and protect my skin with broad spectrum SPF 50.  I am fair to light with yellow undertones and thought the shade was nearly right on target with only slightly more orange to beige than my normal shade.  I also loved how this formula later gave almost a powder like finish.  I liked this product a lot, especially with the extra summer color I have now and plan to continue using it.

Profael Massage Jelly Pack is a big 7.05 oz. tube of body skin care that’s meant for use in the shower.  This is a thick gel with wormwood extract and 30 Japanese plants to buff after washing the body to get rid of dead skin and soften before finishing your shower.  It did make my body silkier to invite more touches.

The last item I found inside my box was Browtician Tweezers with a slant tip and mirror compact.  I had my brows professionally done with electrolysis and don’t really need to tweeze them.  However, it never hurts to have a sharp tip pair of tweezers for little jobs around the house if you don’t use them for beauty.

For just $29.99 and no shipping, I honestly believe No Make No Life (nmnl) Beauty Box is an excellent deal because you’ll discover some fantastic products that can change your beauty!  Check this Japanese beauty box out and see for yourself!  You’ll love them, I promise.

Something special that you don’t want to miss is getting $3.00 off your nmnl box, Premium Tokoyo Treats Box or YumeTwins Box when you subscribe between August 18 until August 31 using coupon code CARDCAPTOR.



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