Spice Up Your Health: 5 Powerful Spices with Science-Backed Benefits

spices for health benefits
Photo Courtesy of Pexels – Shantanu Pal

Spices flavor foods, but they also have other value and health benefits.  Some spices are also known for having medicinal properties they can help improve certain health conditions to promote healing. For this purpose, here are some of the best spices that can act as medicine.

Ginger helps calm an upset stomach whether from motion or morning sickness to nausea relief due its gingerol that works in the gastrointestinal tract. This same chemical also has the ability to alter the path of prostaglandins that cause inflammation resulting in less arthritis and migraine pain.

One thing to remember is ginger ale does not necessarily contain ginger if you’re looking for this product for relief.  Read labels and make sure that you see “ginger” or “gingerroot” in the ingredient list.

Another spice that is worth adding to your diet on a daily basis is cinnamon.  This spice has benefits from curcumin that can help lower blood sugar and triglycerides, LDL  (bad cholesterol).  It also has antibacterial properties for the body. Furthermore, cinnamon is wonderful for freshening your breath and defending teeth from cavities.

Red chili pepper flakes are excellent if you happen to suffer from inflammation.  This is because this spice has capsaicin, which can ease that pain.  Also acting as an anticoagulant, its chemical makeup can help thin the blood a bit for heart health.  Yet, this is not all red chili pepper flakes can do since they’re also capable of destroying carcinogens and assisting the immune system.

Black pepper is also a spice that can do your body good.  It has piperine to assist with enzyme activity and to improve blood flow, necessary to disperse the nutrients without losing their value throughout the digestion process.

How can we forget turmeric?  It has curcumin that reduces harmful proteins that can hurt the brain as well as help battle dangerous gastrointestinal bacterial in the digestive system.

Learning to season with these healing spices in your recipes is a great way to ward off some potential future health problems from all their benefits.  Before introducing any new spice or vitamins in your diet, be sure to check with your doctor first. Some spices, herbs or vitamins are not advised with certain medications so keep that in mind.


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