The Safest Types of Eye Makeup for Sensitive Eyes


brown eye shadow
A brown shade of eye shadow is your safest choice if your eyes easily irritate.


Some of us are more prone to allergies than others.  If you are one, then you know how easily you can react to something like cosmetics and the irritation it can cause.  Eye makeup can be especially difficult for anyone that has these sensitivity issues.  Therefore, I want to share some valuable tips on eye makeup for sensitive eyes when shopping to restock your makeup bag that can best keep your eyes from potentially suffering.

You may want to think again about overly glittery eye shadows.  Matte shadows are safer since they do not possess those reflective particles than could end up in your eye.

Pure natural pigments are another good choice.  Minerals are safer bets then their chemical counterparts when it comes to the eyes.  On the same note, you can still react to anything at anytime.

As far as eyeliner goes, you might want to trade in your liquid liners, especially the waterproof latex variety that has stronger chemicals to account for such long-lasting wear.  Instead, you may want to switch to pencils or crayons.

Waterproof mascaras are great but they also can pose a problem if you are sensitive. A better alternative is trying a water-resistant formula that won’t be as harsh since you can wash it away with soap and water over a special oil makeup remover.

Speaking of mascara, avoid formulas with fibers in it.  Just like the reflective glitter chunks in eye shadow, these fibers can fall in your eye in time as well.

Your eyes are very important, so be careful with them!  Hopefully, you’ll benefit from this advice on eye makeup for sensitive eyes and have fewer problems in the future.



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