Fuego Hot Sauce Subscription Box September 2017


Fuego Hot Sauce Subscription Box September 2017
Hot sauce can a dieter’s friend.  It helps speed up metabolism.


Besides supplementing any dish with some extra great flavor, I adore hot sauces because they help the body burn more calories.  An ideal way to get my fix is through a hot sauce subscription like my favorite, Fuego Box.  Without question, Fuego Hot Sauce Subscription box September 2017 is a prime example of what burning pleasures you may expect.

Each box brings an assortment of three hot sauces from small batch artisan producers to your door.  You would be hard pressed to find any of these in your local grocery store for just $29.95 per quarter with free shipping. Also included in each box, you get an informational card for the foods and dishes the choices are best suited for.

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Fuego Hot Sauce Subscription Box September 2017

Their hot sauce selection is as unique as you can imagine with exotic touches such as September 2017’s Spicy Curry Sauce from Volcanic Peppers.  This delight uses aleppo peppers along with coconut milk and a secret curry powder combination to thrill the taste buds.  I just had some with chicken and a side dish of rice, which made for a delicious nippy change.

The next was an olive-colored hot sauce with medium heat called Thai Green from Seed Ranch.  It possesses a fresh twist from lemon grass, Thai ginger, basil and cilantro amongst green chilies.  This was tasty in my garbanzo bean dip that I whipped up, but use it on eggs as well or whatever else you normally use hot sauce with.

Endless Summer from Heartbreaking Dawns has a tropical influence with some sweetness from pineapple-spiked rum, spearmint, red habaneros and ghost peppers, onions, garlic as star ingredients along with spices.  This perks up any salad dressing or burger with its zesty brightness.

If you are like me and love hot and spicy foods or looking for a way to speed up your body’s metabolism, I think that you would love Fuego Box.  Stop over at their website and sign up.  Thank me, later!



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