Goodbeing Natural Beauty/Lifestyle Box Sept. 2017

Goodbeing Natural Beauty/Lifestyle Box Sept. 2017
The assortment of natural beauty and lifestyle products are wonderful.


Our lives are busy enough, but subscription boxes like Goodbeing Natural Beauty/Lifestyle  are a helpful resource to shop for beauty and natural products for my life. This way I can save time and get acquainted at home with new natural beauty and lifestyle products that I may be unaware of.

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This Goodbeing Natural Beauty/Lifestyle box works in a unique fashion with two different size options of a regular or mini size assortment.  You can also choose between a standard natural beauty or lifestyle box with four to five full and travel size items or the mini with two items.  The cost is $24.95 a month with free USA shipping for the standard box or $9.95 for the mini box.

A great feature is that you have a choice to pick out two of that month’s selections when going with the standard size box from a list of available products the company’s sends prior to box arrival. I never experienced that in a subscription box before, but really enjoyed being able to personally include products that I would use instead of ones that I really don’t have use for.

Something else the Goodbeing Natural Beauty/Lifestyle box does a bit differently is including individual cards on each product than an informational sheet.  This is a handy, portable reference about the product and company’s website, etc. when you really find a keeper that you want to buy again.

Goodbeing Standard Box September 2017

1.  MyChelle Dermaceuticals Incredible Pumpkin Peel (Full Size)———————$28.00
2.  Yarok Feed Your Ends Leave-In Hair Conditioner (Full Size)——————– —-$13.10
3.  WooBamboo Eco Soft Toothbrush (Full Size)———————————————-$3.95
4.  C & Co. Naturals Rosemary & Lavender Lotion Bar (Full Size)———————-$10.00

Total Approximate Value:   $55.05!


The MyChelle Dermaceuticals Incredible Pumpkin Peel is a wonderful weekly facial exfoliation treatment that I selected as one of my monthly picks.  I do like MyChelle products for superior performance.  This one was no different.  After cleansing, I applied a layer sparingly and left it on for about five minutes before rinsing.  My complexion was smoother and glowing afterwards.

The Yarok Feed Your Ends Leave-In Hair Conditioner is a spray.  This product nourishes the hair with vitamins, minerals and essential oils to protect from heat and damage from styling tools.  This second monthly pick gives hair extra shine and added manageability in a 100% vegan product.

The WooBamboo Eco Toothbrush didn’t get put to the test yet.  I just started a fresh brush so this one will have to wait until I wear my current one down a bit.  I’m glad to see the bristles are SOFT because I do not use MEDIUM or HARD BRISTLES in any toothbrushes.  By the way, bamboo has natural disinfecting properties and a light coating of Chinese white wax for keeping germs at a minimum.

The last product was the stick of C & Co. Rosemary & Lavender Lotion Bar, a stick body moisturizer loaded with plenty of antioxidants and fatty acids for stubborn rough skin like elbows, heels and knees.  I liked how effective this stick was for treating those areas as well as the convenience for traveling instead of a bulkier size bottle.

I thought the assortment reflected my needs quite well at a great $59.15 value!  Have you tried a Goodbeing Natural Beauty/Lifestyle Subscription Box yet?  If not, I recommend checking out their website because it’s definitely worth investigating!


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