How to Keep Eyes Healthy to Ensure Eye Beauty

 woman with sunglasses for eye beauty
Photo Courtesy of Pixabay – Engin_Akyurt

We all want the most beautiful eyes possible.  Therefore, we always try to care for them with the best eye creams and serums to dazzling eye makeup.  Yet, this is more involved  to keep them looking fabulous and healthy to maximize eye beauty.

Check the whites of your eyes.  If they get bloodshot a lot, you may have a tendency to turn to eye drops to quickly get rid of the red, especially if you have allergies.  This quick fix constricts the blood vessels.   While a product like Visine can help temporarily, it is not a long-term solution.  Using this type of eye drop habitually can result in rebound inflammation, making the red lines worse. Instead, you might want to lubricate with eyes drops that are more moisturizing or natural tears like Blink to refresh them.

More people than ever have developed dry eye problems.  One reason this is becoming more common is due to LASIK or cataract surgery.  Dry eyes can water, become red or appear glossy. Lubricant eye drops like Systane or Refresh and drinking more water can help.

Eyes are prone to ugly infection.  Avoid using eye makeup longer than six months.  Also, never share mascaras, eye liners, concealers, eye shadows, eye primers or any makeup because it is a collective breeding ground for bacteria.

If you wear contacts and hope to keep your eyes safe from irritation, you should give up metallic shades. The reason this is bad with contacts is due to its silica, which may find its way inside the lens to feel uncomfortable like something is wedged against your eye.

Something else that contact lens wearers need to think about is that cleaning the lens is vital, but so is cleaning their cases.  Clean your contact lens cases weekly can eliminate future problems.  Just keep in mind that water is not a sufficient cleaner for disinfecting the case.  You want to use a lens solution for this purpose.  Otherwise, you are risking your eyes.  Replacing the case in about six months is also a good idea.

Another way to help keep your eyes gorgeous is making it a habit to regularly wear sunglasses.  Buying a stylish pair with 100% UV protection can protect the eye itself from cataract growth and help fight wrinkling.

These are just a few suggestions that can help keep your eyes healthy and captivating as they possibly can be.  You also might want to read about eye mistakes that could be making that could also risk the beauty of your eyes.  After all, if they’re infected or irritated, they lose their beauty.


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