How to Prevent Hair From Revealing Your Age

woman-from-behind-with-long-hair Pixabay image illustrating How to Prevent Hair From Revealing Your Age
These hair care steps can hide age. 


Aging shows us little mercy when it comes to our appearance. Besides faint lines deepening just a little each year or suddenly adding to your wrinkle collection, the hair also undergoes unwanted changes. Graying is one thing, but the hair also gets much drier.  It also seems to lose its former shine.  In order to keep the strands more youthful and the hair from revealing your age, there are some steps that you need to take.

Since older hair is thirstier, you need to help it drink.   However, you don’t want to wash it daily because it will only steal more moisture from those already hungry strands.  Instead, wash older hair only every other day can keep the hair from revealing your age.

In addition, give the hair plenty of moisturizing nourishment by feeding it a protein-rich or antioxidant-rich conditioner or treatment following that shampoo.  Doing so, strengthens those dry, weak strands and helps return the shine.  This is another crucial step if you intend to keep the hair from revealing your age.

If you already use hair coloring, you probably stick to a schedule when to refresh the color.  The chemical process does change its texture, but it also can be damaging done too soon, especially the longer-lasting permanent variety. Another approach may work better to your advantage.  Try stretching the time for your next hair coloring out a bit by only  retouching color at the roots where new growth appears over doing the entire head. This lessens the chemicals that you are exposed to that also can harm your hair.

Your choice of color might need to change and lighten somewhat.  Try a softer shade of hair color because the darker color that you may have been born with now may appear too harsh against an older version of you with wrinkles and paler skin.

A new style with more movement over a stiff hairdo can also help people guessing about your real age to keep the hair from revealing your age. Page through magazines, check online beauty sites and ask your stylist for recommendations for what would best compliment your facial structure.  Maintaining the same style through the years keeps you in a time rut that can signal others to a particular decade.



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