Meet the Holy Grail of Hairspray: Keune Design Society Extra Forte


Design-Society-Extra Forte hairspray
Once you try this hairspray, you’ll understand why this formula has been going strong for almost 100 years!


One of the reasons that Keune Haircosmetics has been a leader in the hair care industry is due to their innovative, quality products.  One example is their Design Society Extra Forte Hairspray, which happens to be one of the best formulas in my opinion that you can trust your hair too.

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I have reviewed a lot of hair care products and hairsprays, but this is one that I can always count on for keeping my hair in place.  This Design Society Extra Forte Hairspray dries fast, has UV protection and keeps your style without turning the hair hard, sticky or limp on humid days.  You can even run a brush or comb through it without worrying your hair will fall flat.

It is no wonder that this hairspray formula has been around for 95 years with how ideally it works.  The only way that you’ll be convinced is if you try Keune’s Design Society Extra Forte Hairspray ($22) for yourself. Right now, there is an illustrated Limited Edition can by Amsterdam-based fashion illustrator Sjoukje Bierma that is just as lovely for your dresser or vanity as it is useful for your hair.  Check it out or visit the company’s website to learn more!


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