Orglamix Beauty Subscription Box August 2017 Review


You get four to six vegan and cruelty-free beauty items in each box.


Using makeup and skin care products shouldn’t give us reason for concern.  Yet, it is not a highly regulated industry in the United States as it should be like it is in European countries.  Instead, the consumer is left at the mercy of manufacturers to trust whatever chemicals are used will not possibly adversely affect our health.  Mineral makeup and natural skin care can be a safer alternative.

A perfect way to experiment with healthier beauty is through a natural beauty box subscription.  One that I recently discovered is Orglamix  that offers vegan and cruelty-free beauty products using purer ingredients than their chemical counterparts without harmful synthetic dyes, parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, phthalates, preservatives and known irritants.  For $29 a month plus free shipping, the company sends between four and six full sizes of their beneficial makeup, skin and body care to fragrance items. Below is what I found in my first box.  Check it out.


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Orglamix Beauty Subscription  August 2017 Box


1.  Organic Beauty Balm Prep & Prime————————————————$21.00
2.  Cardamon Rose Coconut Milk Lotion Spray————————————–$8.00
3.  Bohemian Chic Perfume Roll-On—————————————————-$18.00
4.  Wild at Heart Natural Eyeshadow—————————————————$12.50
5.  Karma Lip & Cheek Gelee————————————————————$18.00


Total Value: $77.50!


Their Organic Beauty Balm Prep & Prime can double as an anti-aging moisturizer or primer before foundation.  I even mixed a little with my mineral powder foundation and loved the results.  It smoothed and covered my dry skin beautifully without ending up in any lines or creases.

The Cardamon Rose Coconut Milk Lotion Spray is wonderful to apply after you step out of the shower or bath.  This is a silky lotion that has a delicate floral-coconut scent that softens skin nicely.  I don’t pick up too much of any rose, but love the slight spice notes that I detect.

The Bohemian Chic Perfume Roll-On is a charming, fruity-floral fragrance that is perfect for handbags and traveling.  The scent has satsuma and sugarcane essence to the fresh citrus notes, which is lovely.

Wild at Heart Natural Eyeshadow was a limited edition shade.  It is a soft taupe with plum and gray that is so practical with how neutral the color is.  I, as well as most people, can get a lot of wear out of this shade.

The last product I found was different from what was described in my info sheet that came with the Orglamix beauty subscription box.  I got a Lip & Cheek Gelee in Karma, a great take on a plum.  It glided on and provided moisturizing coverage with minerals and sweet orange essential oil to nourish as well as color in an attractive fall shade. I especially liked this product for lips, though it was slightly dark of a color for cheeks with my fair skin.

This was my first experience with the Orglamix beauty subscription box, but I really liked their approach to beauty.  If you are trying to steer away from chemicals in your beauty products, then I suggest giving Orglamix Beauty Box a try to acquaint yourself with a healthier approach.


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