Orglamix Beauty Subscription Box September 2017 Review

orglamix-beauty-subscription-september 2017-box
This month has a $64 value of natural beauty.


The other day my second natural beauty and cruelty-free subscription box from Orglamix arrived with the September 2017 assortment.  This is a wonderful way to experience anywhere from four to six safer mineral makeup and natural skin care beauty products for a mere $29 a month box that includes free shipping. Some of these items you will be able to find in the Orglamix shop while others are custom ones from their company just for that particular box.

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The theme for September is Gypsy Carnival to transition bright summer beauty into more mysterious fall beauty needs.  Let me show you my September 2017 box below.

Orglamix Beauty Subscription Box September 2017


1.  Fairy Floss Liquid Glow—————————————————————–$15.00
2.  Circus Peanut Kissing Potion———————————————————-$12.00
3.  Natural Eyeshadow (Guilded Carousel)———————————————$12.50
4.  Natural Eyeshadow (Mystic Fortune)————————————————$12.50
5.  Night Circus Confetti Soap Bath Salts———————————————–$12.00


Total Approximate Value:    $64.00!

The Fairy Floss Liquid Glow is a yummy scented lotion for highlighting the body with a delicate shimmer. This is nice for calling attention to your assets like your smooth shoulders or decolletage, but I consider it more suitable for evening.

The Circus Peanut Kissing Potion smells delicious and reminds me of bubblegum  but it is meant to conjure up thoughts of circus peanut candy, which I had never tasted it. This is a roller-ball that delivers a slick, moisturizing shine to lips.  It does have a faint shimmer to it to enhance lips.

Also, inside this month, I found two loose mineral powder eye shadows.  Mystic Fortune is a gorgeous, gleaming violet.  Their Guilded Carousel shade is a gilted, burnished gold color.  Together the pair does blend easily and work well for complimenting eyes.

The last item inside this current box was the Night Circus Confetti Soap Bath Salts.  I truly am addicted to soaking in a relaxing tub of fragrant mineral water after a long day.  The scent of this product is heavenly, almost a musky floral fragrance that is so seductive to spend time and escape daily problems while its 21 essential minerals in these sea salts care for easing tired muscles.  The colored confetti added a festive touch.

None of the products in the September 2017 box are being sold at the Orglamix website.  Therefore, the prices that I’m sharing are the ones from the informational sheet that came with the box since these are solely items unique to this box.

I did love everything, especially the Night Circus Confetti Soap Bath Salts.  Did you ever try Orglamix Beauty Subscription Box?  If not, I think that you really might like what they have to offer.  Visit the company’s website and explore, then decide for yourself.


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