Helpful Tips for Sensitive Complexions


Helpful Tips for Sensitive Complexions woman without makeup Pixabay image
This beauty keeps her flawless complexion calm by knowing how to properly care for it.


Some of us react to products more than others.  If you count yourself as one, then you know it can be hit or miss when you try new skin care.  Being the case, you can further avoid the likelihood of irritation if you are aware of certain ingredients that may trigger skin sensitivities, especially for anyone with a sensitive complexion.

The number one skin offender for those prone to react easily is fragrance.  Your complexion doesn’t benefit in any way so do look for a fragrance-free facial product.

Equally risky are preservatives in skin care products.  Some common culprits known to cause problems are ones such as parabens, lanolin, quaternium 15, sodium benzoate, fruit acids such as alpha or beta hydroxy acids, dyes, and PABA.  Denatured and benzyl alcohol also cannot be ignored. You might not think essential oils can possibly do your skin any harm.  Nonetheless, they have been known to cause problems for some people that have a sensitive complexion.

With an extra sensitive complexion, it is always wise to avoid too hot or too cold temperatures of water when cleansing.  Instead, stick to lukewarm water and just cool water to close the pores because extreme temperatures can provoke the skin to react.

Another way to protect sensitive skin is not to abuse it with harsh scrubs with rough, abrasive grains, overly strong chemical peels or cleansing brushes with hard bristles to exfoliate.

Toners often can be to blame.  Their ingredients like witch hazel or denatured alcohol can be too drying for this type of complexion.  A better choice is to look for one free of any alcohol, if you feel that you must use one.

Keep these suggestions in mind before you buy your next skin care product.  Hopefully, the information presented here will keep your sensitive complexion beautiful and free from ugly, red irritation and swelling!


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