What to Look for when a Problem Rash Baffles Doctors!

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Let my experience help you.

I am going to tell you a frightening story of what happened to me two years ago just in case you’re ever in the same situation.  I developed this strange rash all over every part of my body.  Honestly, I had so much facial swelling with puffy eyes to duck-like lips that I was afraid my distorted face and body design would frighten people. However, I had no choice than to make an appointment with my internist because my antihistamines weren’t helping.

I tried to figure out the possible cause.   I knew that I was eating the same foods, using the same soaps, laundry products and didn’t really add anything new to my life except switching to a different brand of vitamins.  Naturally, I ruled out vitamins.  

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This is how my nightmare began.

Finally,  I got to see the doctor.  After tons of questions on what new product I used or food I ate, my internist prescribed a steroid, prednisone.  I stopped all other medications, including vitamins.  The medication appeared to help and made the rash disappear. 

Then, I remembered that I neglected taking my calcium.  Later on, my rash flared up.  

I called my doctor again.  He took 13 different blood tests before referring me to a dermatologist.  I was given a second prescription of prednisone and a biopsy,  but no definite answers to sort this rash out.

All the blood tests and the biopsy came back as normal.  Both the internist and dermatologist were at a loss to understand it. 

Just like before, I stopped taking my vitamins just in case it would interfere with the prednisone.  My rash miraculously cleared up.

The only reason that I knew my suspicion was accurate was when I took that calcium capsule again.  Only that time, my rash got even worse.  

rash legs.jpeg
My cousin assumed I had textured stockings on when she first saw this photo.

I told the doctor that I suspected it might be the vitamin now that I had a chance to think about it.  He originally had laughed it off until remembering how prescription drugs such as a generic can have fillers as ingredients.  Some people can change generic drugs without suffering any ill effects.  Yet, others can become allergic to one of the new drug’s non-active ingredients to cause a problem like I experienced with this vitamin.

It wasn’t my intention to scare you, but only warn you about the possibility of what a filler in your generic drugs or vitamin can do.  Please be careful, but if you ever get a strange, unexplainable rash that baffles your doctors, keep my story in mind about non-active ingredients in the drugs that you take.  It can possibly save your life!


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