Why You May Want to Avoid Illuminating Cosmetics When Your Skin Breaks Out

woman with closed eyes applying powder.jpeg
This beauty takes all precautions when it comes to her skin.

Illuminating foundations and highlighting products are tops in my book for livening up a dull, lifeless complexion to make it appear younger.  However, there are some times that you may want to skip using those products temporarily in favor of others.

If your skin is currently breaking out, then casting light on it will only show those imperfections more.   A better alternative would be a matte liquid foundation until your complexion improves. 

brushes and makeup.jpeg
This is the time to think about your makeup choices carefully.

Mineral powder foundations also are excellent for hiding problem skin.  This choice doesn’t introduce extra shine and irritating chemicals that could make the complexion worse.  Instead, your aim should be focusing attention away from your problem skin.  This is a good time to concentrate more on your eyes or lips with shimmering shades of eye shadows and glossy, unforgettable lips. 

I hope that your skin doesn’t suffer, but at least you’ll know how to better handle your complexion until it does clear up!


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