Yuzen Autumn 2017 Subscription Box Review

Yuzen Autumn 2017 Subscription Box

Yuzen Box Autumn 2017 brings bliss home with healthier options!


Those seeking natural beauty and healthy snacks need to take a look at Yuzen Box.  This is a quarterly subscription box to help bring a little zen into our complicated lives through each selection of superior natural beauty, organic personal care and snack products from about six brands that the company releases each season.  The cost of Yuzen is $35 per box or $132 for the entire year with free USA shipping.   So what might you find in a typical box such as the Yuzen Autumn 2017 Box?

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The Autumn 2017 assortment was designed with nourishing and healthy products to help transition from summer to fall.  Inside this first box, I found 10 different products geared to that goal.

Yuzen Autumn 2017 Box

1.  GOOD SPREAD Natural Peanut Butter (1.15 oz. Sample)————————–$0.58
2.  NEW CHAPTER Perfect Hair, Skin & Nails (Full Size)——————————–$8.11
3.  POO-POURRI Before-You-Go Toilet Spray (.13 fl. oz. Sample)——————–$5.00
4.  RED FLOWER Ocean Cleansing Shampoo  (50 ml Sample)———————–$5.37
5.  RED FLOWER Ocean Cleansing Conditioner (50 ml Sample)———————-$6.50
6.  SAVANNAH BEE COMPANY Tupelo Honey Beeswax Lip Balm (Full Size)—–$3.50
7.  SHAMANUTI Activated Charcoal Cleanser (0.5 fl. oz. Full Size )——————$10.00
8.  SHRAY SKINCARE Go-Getting Goddess Rose-Infused Anti-Aging Mask——$10.00
9.  TORE & HOWARD Chewie Fruities (1.27 oz. Sample)——————————–$1.25

Total Approximate Value: $50.31!


GOOD SPREAD Natural Peanut Butter has extra nutty goodness.  This product also has some honey added and made a delicious sandwich.

The NEW CHAPTER Perfect Hair, Skin & Nails is a supplement of 15 capsules with biotin and organic algae, aloe, and astaxanthin. Since my nails could use the biotin, I chanced one capsule.  However, I had to stop because it gave me a rash.

The POO-POURRI product was in Citrus.  It does hide the scent of any lingering nastiness.  If you want to roar with laughter, go to the company’s YouTube channel and check out their British commercials.  They are a riot.

The RED FLOWER Ocean Cleansing Shampoo and Conditioner have silk amino acids, botanical extracts, vitamins, and fruit oils for a clarifying cleanse without parabens.  Though it appears to be safe for color-treated hair, I  took this wonderfully scented shampoo as a more vigorous cleanser with its SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) and SLES (sodium laureth sulfate) that may strip hair color.  Thus, I intend to use it before my next hair coloring.

The SAVANNAH BEE COMPANY Tupelo Honey Beeswax & Propolis Lip Balm was a real treat with the taste of honey for nourishing my lips.  The coconut, olive, cocoa, and hemp seed replaced dryness with smooth, softened lips.

SHAMANUTI Activated Charcoal Cleanser is a water-rinsing cleanser that dissolved my makeup nicely.  It just took just two or three small pumps to remove everything without leaving my complexion greasy or sticky upon rinsing.

The SHRAY SKINCARE Go-Getting Goddess Rose-Infused Anti-Aging Mask and Skin-Regenerating Mask is helpful skin food in sheet mask form for your complexion that does moisturize and boost radiance quite well.  It skin improving ingredients include rose oil, acerola extract and licorice root extract.

The last product was the TORE & HOWARD Chewie Fruities.  This packet had six flavors of awesome organic candy chews in great flavor combinations like Pomegranate & Nectarine, Meyer Lemon & Raspberry and Blood Orange & Honey.  All are individually wrapped and a healthier treat over their dye-filled candy counterparts.

If you’re trying to find healthier natural beauty, personal care, snacking to lifestyle products, then you know navigating this road can be confusing.  However, Yuzen Box makes the journey easier through bringing the best such products to you at a wonderful value.  Check their website out and the Yuzen Autumn 2017 Box!



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