My DIY Facial Exfoliator Is Gentle

oil for DIY Facial Exfoliator
Your kitchen is a handy place to turn when it comes to skin care.


All the makeup that we regularly apply does leave minuscule traces behind.  Though we do our best to remove our products, our facial cleansers and toners can only do so much unless we make it a point to exfoliate.  Of course, you can buy exfoliating products as scrubs to facial peel pads, etc. to deep clean the pores and resurface the complexion.  However, your kitchen is also another alternative with plenty of ingredients that can help such as this wonderful DIY facial exfoliator recipe for sensitive skin.

This one uses brown sugar, which has a finer grain than table sugar that could be a bit more irritating.  I also like to use sesame oil in this recipe to help with the glide but also for the benefit its rich fatty acids have for skin from antibacterial to anti-inflammatory properties.

My DIY facial exfoliator recipe is so simple.  Mix one tablespoon of brown sugar to one half teaspoon of sesame oil before applying to your freshly washed face.  You do want to work quickly when using this oil since it can absorb somewhat compared to one like olive oil. Using olive oil is fine with my dry skin, but I like the feel of less grease against my face that the sesame oil provides as well as the way it disinfects.

Another gentle DIY exfoliator is the one I shared using baking soda with some of your facial cleanser that you might want to check out.  This one does a nice job without causing any redness.

Exfoliation is a must especially with all these new chemical ingredients that continue to appear in our makeup and skin care products that could be accumulating deep within the skin.  Allowing those ingredients to remain could eventually take a toll on your beautiful complexion if you don’t take your skin care seriously.  Therefore, take a few extra minutes once a week or every other week to help your skin recover through exfoliation to keep beautiful!



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