Early Defensive Tactics for Your First Fine Lines

Redhead with perfect skin
Here’s proof of well-cared for skin.  


Your complexion may be perfectly smooth and free of any signs of aging.  Though as wonderful as that may be, this facial perfection doesn’t last forever.  Sooner or later, everyone does get a turn experiencing these joys of growing older.  Once you start seeing those first fine lines is the time that you need some prompt action to push back the aging process.  Therefore, I have a few anti-aging tactics that can help better defend your complexion when those first fine lines appear.

One of the best things that you can do is to shop for skin care products that have glycolic acid and vitamin A (retinol) as ingredients.  Glycolic acid is so important because it is one of the best alpha-hydroxy acids for exfoliation and stimulating fresh skin cells to the surface.  The reason this is the primary AHA to look for is because glycolic acid has the tiniest size of molecules for the best penetration through the layers of the skin’s dermis.

Others alpha-hydroxy acids may have larger size molecules, but they too can benefit the skin, only not to the same extent as glycolic acid.  These include lactic acid from milk, tartaric acid from unripe grapes, citric acid from oranges and lemons, malic acid from apples and cherries, and mandelic acid from bitter almond.

Vitamin A (retinol) is a proven commodity for defying aging because it has the ability to thicken the skin and maintain collagen enough to firm up the look of wrinkles.  Using a product with retinol can only help make a face appear younger.

You also want to keep in mind that sunscreen in your products is just as important.  Make sure that your daily anti-aging moisturizer has at least 30 SPF broad-spectrum sunscreen component to protect from environmental damage from the sun.

Something else that you need to do is start using at home facial peels when discovering any first fine lines.  I prefer facial peel pads.  They are easy and can change the texture of your complexion without taking a lot of time and mess.

Here’s my secret to prevent any abuse to my skin when using facial peel pads.  Use one facial peel pad on your freshly washed face before storing it afterwards in a small, closed jar to use for three times.  You will be surprised at much better that your complexion will respond instead of  flooding it with too many harsh chemicals.  After all, the skin needs time to recover and renew.

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Those first fine lines can really be depressing, but following my skin care tips can slow down the process.  Take my word for it and you will see, I promise!


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