Artisan Hot Sauces Fuego Box October 2017 Review


Artisan Hot Sauces Fuego Box October 2017
There is nothing better than hot!


Hot and spicy are two tastes that I never tire of.  My feeling is that duo combination enhances maximum flavor from practically any dish.  For even more enjoyment, I rely on artisan hot sauces from Fuego Box because they are unique blends gathered from across the United States.

The October 2017 selection brought Burns & McCoy Gold 79, Yellowbird Serrano and White Label #1 Hot Sauce to my door.  The cost to subscribe to this box is $29.95 per quarter with free shipping.  Inside each box, you also get a little background about each sauce and the best ways to enjoy them.

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Burns & McCoy Gold 79 is zesty and deep mustard colored hot sauce that has seven pot peppers, caribe peppers, potatoes, squash, and fire roasted yellow bell peppers to balance the burn.  It has a smoothness to the kick that was delicious on my chicken or for wherever you usually pull out your hot sauce.

White Label # 1 Hot Sauce has a nutty, smoky flavor to set off the habanero, onion, garlic, vinegar,  pepper mash, honey, orange juice, and peel.  This is one that has brightness to its fire and is more of a medium heat, perfect for most dishes.  It was especially good on my scrambled eggs this morning.

Yellowbird Serrano is a green colored chili condiment that is great on tacos.  It has carrot, cucumber and lime along with serrano peppers and spices that wake up your taste.

If you’re tired of eating the same dishes and want an easy way to pump up the flavor, my advice is turning to artisan hot sauces for your recipes and dishes like Fuego Box.  Check their website!



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