Goldwell Kerasilk Hair Perfumes Review

Hair Perfumes
These hair perfumes add an extra special touch to hair!


Before hair perfumes became popular, I used to like to mist my hair with my regular fragrance until it started drying my hair too much due to the amount of its alcohol. Later, to avoid direct contact with the strands, I tried spraying my hairbrush first before using on my head.  This was a better approach, but it truly didn’t transfer as much of the scent as I had hoped.  Thankfully, the industry stepped in with all the new products that came out.  One line that I am particularly excited about is Goldwell’s line of Kerasilk Hair Perfumes that I have been using lately.

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Their hair perfumes consist of four different scents: Control, Color, Reconstruct, and Repower.  Each one is lovely in its own right and can also be worn on the skin, if you want to take more of its beauty with you.


Hair Perfumes for Your Every Mood 


Kerasilk Control is a warm and sensual mix of oriental and wood notes.
Kerasilk Color is a romantic blend of rose and sexy musk that is hard to resist.
Kerasilk Reconstruct is a feminine chypre floral sensation of magnolia-jasmine and patchouli and those haunting notes of amber, tobacco and musk.
Kerasilk Repower offers a freesia and lily against citrus for a sort of airy freshness like those notes are floating on water.


Besides leaving a light, but enticing scent that lingers on the hair, there are other wonderful advantages to Goldwell Kerasilk Hair Perfumes.  They also help give the hair extra shine without making it to feel tacky or hard.  Furthermore, they won’t clash with your regular perfumes.

I really loved them all, but I have to admit that Repower was my favorite.  This is the perfect time to start thinking of the holidays to get yourself ready for those special occasions or just to put on your gift buying list.

A full-size 1.6 oz. bottle retails around $28 in the USA.  For more information, visit Goldwell.  Check them out and these lovely hair perfumes!




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