Have You Tried Raw Honey for Skin to Heal a Blemish?

Have You Tried Raw Honey to Heal a Blemish?
Be sure to use raw honey, which is more effective since it was not treated with heat or processed to alter it.


Did you know that raw honey for skin can help with pimples?  It is a natural antibacterial that also has anti-inflammatory properties.   Together, they reduce the swelling and redness and are kinder to the skin unless the harsher drying effects of salicylic acid products. It also is a natural humectant to help the skin seal in moisture without contributing extra oil.  This quality makes honey suitable for all skin types, which is another reason to love it when a breakout occurs.

In order to benefit from raw honey when a pimple pops out, you need to cleanse your face first.  Then, you dab just a little of the honey over the pimple before covering with a bandage.  You repeat this process for a long as you need to.

I tried this last week for a few days and honey worked without any skin irritation.


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