How to Give Thin Hair Extra Volume When Drying

This beauty found a better way to boost hair volume.


Though I have thick hair now, this was not always the case.  Believe it or not, I used to have thin hair that was straight instead of the same natural curl that I have today.  I don’t have any idea how my hair became thick and the natural curl decided to spring up, but it changed soon after I got a very short haircut as crazy as that may sound.  Therefore, I thought you would appreciate a hair styling trick that I used to do to boost my former thin hair’s volume.

I would use a round brush for this only.  The important thing to remember is to lift up the roots with the brush once you begin blow-drying through each section of the head.  This lifting will help the hair from falling flat and create more movement to the style.

In an earlier post, I shared another hair volumizing trick that you also might want to try.  If you do, I promise that your hair will appear to gain more volume!



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