Why Selecting the Right Hair Brush Matters for Beauty

Hair Brushes
Your choice of hair brush matters.  Do you know the best one for your hair type?


Hair brush selection matters when trying to create beautiful hair with a healthy shine. In the past, women would regularly brush their hair with many strokes before bedtime to distribute and smooth the oils for that healthy shine.  This is no longer needed due to all the advances in hair care products that benefit the hair in almost the same way.  Now we can just pick the right brush for our hair’s texture and maximize the style and volume. Here are some hair brush selection tips to keep in mind because picking the right brush does matter for beauty.

Hair Brushes Have Different Functions in Your Hair Brush Selection

A round brush is what you want to help build volume at the crown or bending the ends when drying.  This type works with any hair texture.  Consider the size of the barrel and the length of your hair first.  The shorter the hair, the smaller the barrel should be. Barrel size increases for medium to longer hair.

The cushion brush is the kindest method for detangling hair of any length into a smooth style.  This is especially helpful for anyone with fine, straight or wavy hair.  The reason this is the best brush is because the cushion limits any forceful tugging to damage it.

On the other hand, a wet brush is similar to a cushion brush, only with wider pins.  This is especially helpful for fine, straight or wavy hair to use when wet before drying. Using this type of brush better protects fragile wet hair from being ripped.

The paddle brush is great for most hair textures except thick or curly.  This type is the one ideal for creating straight, smooth one length style.  This is not the brush that will help if you have layered hair.

Those with a lot of thick, coarse hair need a vent brush.  The holes in the design help with getting the tangles but also speed up blow-drying.

Thermal brushes are what you want for locking in more enduring curls when drying.   Material such as ceramic or titanium of its inner core is what heat the brush up almost to mimic a curling iron.

If you keep these different hair brush designs in mind, you’ll more likely have better luck with your hair.


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