Keep Your Cheese From Developing Mold With This DIY Trick

Save your cheese!

Since I like to bake my own breads and pizzas from scratch, I pick up my dry yeast and a big four or a five-pound block of mozzarella cheese at GFS Marketplace (Gordon’s Food Service), being the cheapest place in my area to buy those two items.  

What I do is cut and freeze pieces of the cheese, only leaving one piece in my refrigerator at a time.  Before I ever tried this tip, I would just take my chances and hope to use the cheese before it would get any mold.

Then I found this wonderful trick to keep any variety of a block cheese fresher longer. Take two tablespoons of salt, add three cups of water and mix it thoroughly before immersing a paper towel in the mix.  

After that paper towel is saturated, you loosely place it over your piece of cheese to cover before returning to your container in the refrigerator.  Believe it or not, this does help prevent mold from growing.  The reason this works so well is that salt once dehydrated can stop microbial mold spores from forming.

I tried this salt and water trick on a hunk of cheddar cheese and got the same great results as well. I hope you also try this and my bread and pizza recipe because you’ll love them.


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