Makeup Trends for Fall 2017 and Winter 2018


woman-with-huge-false-lashes Pixabay image makeup trends
Extreme lashes and bold, dark lips are in store for fall 2017


The major fashion houses pave the way for each season of beauty and styles.  Most of the makeup trends for fall 2017 and winter 2018 are exciting with different takes on hues and changes to application techniques that you can’t wait to try. Others may work just for models on the runway or a jetsetter that has a need to stand out, but some can be a bit ridiculous for the average woman’s life unless we spin from them in another way.

Makeup Trends for Fall 2017 and Winter 2018 Are Spot on for Drama

For instance, would you wear a set of overly long false lashes that go beyond your brows and pencil in huge bottom lashes?  The effect, when you close your eyes, is a tiny eye peering through a jungle of sprouting hair?  How is this attractive?

Longer bottom lashes are going to be major this autumn, but instead of distorting them in that fashion, we can still use that idea and benefit.  A few coats of mascara are less extreme and more suitable for everyday life.

Even worse, what is appealing about adhering an extra set of false lashes to your crease that is set off with bright color?  If I saw lashes springing from the middle of my eyelids, I would be rushing to the doctor thinking that my hormones were suddenly going haywire.  Long, lash lashes from one set in the normal spot bring attention to magnify eyes, but making the eyelids a mass of hair is ugly in my opinion.

beautiful-woman-with-minimal-makeup Pixabay image makeup trends
Red lips and minimal makeup also will be just as trendy.

Instead, take advantage of playing with the bright and sunset colors, jewel tones for creating smoky eyes and the metallic shadows, but lose that extra pair of false eyelashes for the creases.  If you want to call attention, substitute liner if you feel that you need it there or experiment with color blocking or bright with a dark, smoky shade for a gorgeous effect.

Lip color this season ranges from deep blood red, burgundies, luscious takes of berries to natural shades in mattes and less shiny gloss.  Still, there is another trend that I do not feel is becoming is gold, silver, platinum blocking on the lips, appearing like you have a piece of metal wedged to go along with graphic smoky eyes.  What makes the look of a square of metal between the lips beautiful?

Instead, why not use those beautiful new lips colors along with gold and silver only to highlight the cupid’s bow?

I posted some examples at Pinterest on my Makeup Trends to the Extreme for Fall 2017 board that you may want to check.

Fashion houses only provide the creative starting point with these makeup trends for fall 2017 and winter 2018.  The rest is up to us to fuel our inspiration in the best way we see fit to work into our own lives.



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