PUR Cosmetics PRO X Etienne Ortega Eyeshadow Palette–An Amazing Fall Beauty Find


PUR Cosmetics PRO-X-Etienne-Ortega-Eyeshadow-Palette
These are ideal colors that blend together in sheer perfection.


Just in time for fall, PUR Cosmetics has teamed up with Etienne Ortega,  a noted celebrity makeup artist, and released a stunning new 18-piece eyeshadow palette of matte and shimmer neutrals, including some great transition shades.  The colors  in PUR Cosmetics PRO X Etienne Oretega Eyeshadow Palette are rich, wonderfully pigmented takes on nudes, a multiple of warm and cool browns, gold, peach, taupe, rose, black, silver, purple, deep blue, and olive that can take your eyes to new depths with how beguiling these shades are.

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The PUR Cosmetics PRO X Etienne Oretega Eyeshadow Palette will allow you to create the season’s most enviable looks whether for daytime to all out glamour for nights.  The texture is never gritty but beautifully smooth, caressing lids with these softly defining hues that you will get plenty of use from.

The PUR Cosmetics PRO X Etienne Oretega Eyeshadow Palette has the following colors:

Stripped–pale beige shimmer
Legend–tan shimmer
Popular–warm tan matte
Penny–copper shimmer
Monji–reddish brown shimmer
Muddy–cool matte brown
Dreamer–light gold (almost apricot) shimmer
1988–matte warm taupe
Adobe–matte brick red
Bossy–rose gold shimmer
Faux–bronze shimmer
3 A.M.–matte black
Zenon–silver shimmer
Lola–cool taupe matte
Paradise–violet-purple shimmer
Billionaire–deep olive shimmer
Midnight–dark violet-blue shimmer
Galaxy–lighter black shimmer


This is such a well-coordinated palette that you’ll never get tired of using with how versatile they are.  Unlike some colors that just sit there in your palette, these all work together so beautifully that you can’t help being inspired to try new looks.

Between us, this is one of the best fall eyeshadow palettes that I have tried to date. I highly recommend snagging PUR Cosmetics PRO X Etienne Ortega Eyeshadow Palette ($42) while you see it because with how great it is, I believe it could sell out in the meantime.  Check it out at PUR’s website or your local Kohl’s.


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