Quick Callus Fix to Pretty Up Your Feet

This foot care post is a must for keeping feet beautiful and healthy.

Why is it that we continue to wear shoes that result in calluses?  Of course, the reason is we’ll do practically anything to look beautiful, including spending time in less than comfortable shoes.  If you also are guilty of this, then join the crowd because calluses are our bodies’ defense for protecting the skin at the bottom of our feet from constant friction caused by ill-fitting shoes or just standing too long.  

I have already shared two of my favorite ways of dealing with this problem.  One was a DIY callus foot fix recipe and the other was some alternative methods and a great soak to soften that tough skin.  

Still, there is something else that you may want to try on your calluses.  Those that have a flaky scalp and have dandruff shampoo in the house might find it convenient to rub some of this particular shampoo on your feet while in the shower.  All required is leaving the dandruff shampoo on for at least five to seven minutes to give the product’s salicylic acid time to gradually start loosening some of the hard skin before rinsing off.

However, this method is not recommended for anyone that is allergic to aspirin because it has salicylic acid in it.  Therefore, please keep this fact in mind.

The more treatments that you give your feet, the more that the callus will start to peel. 


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