Rimmel #Insta Conceal & Correct Review

 #instant conceal & correct palette
This product has amazing coverage for being so lightweight.


Rimmel London launched a few new #Insta products.  Today, I want to tell you about #Insta Conceal & Correct for hiding flaws such as darkness under the eyes, problems with redness to any places on your face that could use a boost of brightness.

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 Keeping Flaws a Secret Is What #Insta Conceal & Correct Does

opened #insta conceal & correct palette
The colors appear darker until you use them.


This palette consists of three cream shades and comes in one option, 001 Universal for all skin tones.  In the compact, the shades appear deeper than they actually are until swatched when they lighten up.  The first color is peach, but changes into a pale beige once you use it.  This is the shade that is intended to cover dark circles.

The second color is sort of a sea foam green color.  This shade is for help with redness.

The last shade is a lavender color. It is meant for dealing with dull spots on your face that could benefit with some brightness.

I was really surprised how creamy and wonderfully this product blended, especially for under the eyes without feeling too thick. I do have a problem with darkness toward the outer sides of my eyes, but this product amazingly did the trick.  For feeling so lightweight, it managed to hide the darkness quite well without the black surfacing or the need of several layers of coverage.

I also loved the convenience of having one palette instead of reaching for another product to help brighten up that area at the same time.

For a product that retails for about $6.99 at drugstores, the Rimmel #Insta Conceal & Correct Palette did more for my under eye darkness than I ever expected.  If also have some problems that you need to hide, you need to try this one for yourself.



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  1. baby cake
    November 1, 2017 / 1:10 am

    I need to give this a try. I have terrible dark circles and have tried numerous color correctors that are very heavy and actually bring more attention to my wrinkles. Or they were so light that they didn't help at all. I have looked at these several times in the drugstore but never picked them up but now I will. Thanks for the review.

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