Some Reasons That You Need to Sleep More

Some Reasons That You Need to Sleep More Woman Sleeping
This beauty knows the value of sleep to maintain her beauty and health.


The value of sleep should never be taken lightly, if you intend to stay healthy. Everyone has occasional restless nights, but women seem to experience this even more than men.  Part of this problem is due to the unique physiology of our female bodies.  Menstruation, pregnancy or the onset of menopause all can interfere with our sleep patterns besides more increased stress than decades earlier from balancing home, family and work.

However, skipping sleep on a fairly regular basis can take a toll.  If sleeplessness becomes your new norm, it can raise your risk for high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes.

Obesity can also be in your future.  The reason you can put on more weight is because lack of sleep interferes with your hormone function and how the body burns fat.

Without ample hours of sleep, your brain can’t function to its full capacity for learning, cognition, memory and your response to the data it receives for doing things.  Proper sleep allows the brain to digest information and makes it easier for it to retrieve upon waking.

Though eight hours of sleep sounds like an unrealistic luxury, trying to reach for that goal can only improve the quality of your life, relationships and health.

Getting enough sleep also is important for your beauty as well.  After all, skin cells have a chance to rejuvenate during sleep to help with anti-aging and healing.

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