The Best Sleep Inducing Scents to Help You Drift Off

The Best Sleep Inducing Scents to Help You Drift Off and Woman Hoping to Sleep
This post may help you fall asleep faster and discover how to have more pleasant dreams!


Though we try our best to get enough sleep, it is easier said than done at times.  Regardless of how we attempt to block out the events of the day, they often follow us to the bedroom to make sleep a challenge.  The right sleep inducing scents, however, have the power to affect the olfactory receptors of the brain to calm as well as help the type of dreams we have.

Essential oils from nature are the most potent source to benefit from aromatherapy in relation to sleep inducing scents. Some experts believe the essential oils’ molecules directly stimulate the brain to influence it.  Others feel that those molecules once in contact with the blood and hormones or enzymes are what cause the brain to react with a mental or physical change.

Thus, you are always best to stick with essential oils like lavender, chamomile, sandalwood, and geranium for easing into a peaceful night of rest. If you feel stressed to the point that your blood pressure is rising, then the scent of neroli oil is another of these sleep inducing scents that may help even more to bring it down.

Did you know that the scent of rose can help you experience more pleasant dreams?  According to researchers at one university hospital in Germany, the scent of rose during the dreaming state of sleep (REM) when the higher regions of the brain’s thinking processes kick in about every 90 minutes during the sleep cycle can alter the feeling of the dream.

In fact, you might want to try my DIY herbal sleep potion potpourri to help reduce stress and sleep or my DIY Sleep Spray.  They also have rose for improving the quality of your dreams.

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