The Upbra: Helps Boost Cleavage for a Sexier Figure

The Upbra:  Helps Boost Cleavage for a Sexier Figure
This is the Convertible Bra that provides a lot of ways to wear it.


Some women are blessed by nature with perfect size breasts.  Others like me not so much.  This is why I was more than happy to review The Upbra when the company reached out to see if their unique design really could create believable cleavage without tons of padding.

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I hate bra shopping anyway.  Going store to store and undressing trying to find a good fit is such a pain.  Sometimes, you find comfortable ones but they really don’t help enhance size that much.  Other styles may pump up breast size, but may dig into the breastbone or overly exaggerate my girls like I’m wearing falsies, which is not how I like it.  I expect comfort, supportive lift, smoothness, and just enough padding that is realistic to build up my breasts over being obvious.

The Upbra:  Helps Boost Cleavage for a Sexier Figure
Here is the T-Shirt Bra.


The Upbra ActiveLift technology is different from other bra designs.  Besides lifting the boobs from the bra straps, it features cleavage control straps under the bra cups.  The bra cups inside are specially distinct to this system being composed of vinyl hearts for help arranging the boobs in position.  Once you put the bra on and adjust your girls, you take the control straps and pull tight for the amount of cleavage you need before hooking them beneath.

The Upbra:  Helps Boost Cleavage for a Sexier Figure
Those inside control straps are what you pull tight and later hook in place.


There are quite a few spots that you can hook the straps into to vary the look of your cleavage.  At first, it can take practice fumbling for a hook because they’re hidden inside, but it becomes easier the more you play with it.

The styles I tried were the T-shirt Bra ($77.00)  and the Convertible Bra ($79.00) that you adjust the straps to accommodate the style of the outfit.  I usually take a 36B, but these sizes run a bit large.  For example, the cups fit my girls perfectly.  The problem was the fit around the breastbone.

I forgot to mention The Upbra has four hooks to fasten compared to the usual three. The fit you should aim for is snug enough to hook into the first or second hooks.  The reason for this extra hook is that the bra may stretch in time.  It was the extra hook around the breastbone that accounted for the looser fit.  I would have had a better fit going smaller around the breastbone and keeping the same cup size.  Keep this extra hook in mind because it adds additional length around the breastbone when selecting the right size.

The company sends a booklet with help on getting the right fit as well.  According to the advice, I should have gone with the 34C (if a smaller band was needed) or 34B (if smaller cup/band was needed).

The Upbra does help create believable cleavage and is an especially wonderful addition to any wardrobe when dressing for special occasions such as holiday parties that will be coming up.  It also makes a great holiday gift for any lady on your list to make her feel sexier than ever.  To learn more or buy, visit The Upbra’s website.



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