Three Helpful Tips When Shopping for Eye Shadow


eyes shadow
These three eye shadow pointers  can save you time and future happiness.


How many times have you bought eye shadow that you thought looked fabulous in the store until later when you tried them on?  If so, then I want to share a few tips from my makeup artist friend that can help lessen your chances of an unsatisfactory eye shadow purchase.

Before you get carried away, you always need to consider your skin tone first when shopping for eye shadow.  After all, the depth of the shade can be too overpowering or can wash you out.  For instance, the fairer that you are, the more that you don’t want the shade to be too dark.  The effect could too harsh and unnatural for you to carry it off in a flattering way.

The second most important thing concerns the eye shadow’s texture.  Are you thinking of matte, shimmer, satin,  or metallic?  Young eyes can wear anything since they have no creases to worry about.  However, aging eyes need to be more careful.  Mattes and satins are the safest choices unlike shimmers or metallic ones that can highlight flaws.

The third involves how sensitive your eyes are.  Any cosmetic that has hypo-allergenic or dermatologist-tested on the label is no guarantee that it will be irritant free.  Just remember powders when brushed across the lid can fall into the eye whereas cream formulas adhere to it.



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