Zakia’s Morocco Hammam Home Rose Spa Kit Review


Zakia Moroccan Hammam Home Rose Spa Kit
Your skin will invite caresses after using these products!


Losing yourself to a relaxing bit of private time in the tub is an essential part of my life.  I believe everyone deserves pampering for cleansing and revitalizing the skin but also as a way to reduce stress and tense muscles after a long day.  Thanks to Zakia’s Morocco, I experienced a bathing ritual similar to a genuine Hammam Moroccan bathhouse with their Hammam Home Rose Spa Kit.

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The Hammam Home Rose Spa Kit ($39.99) is available in eight fragrances, but I chose the Moroccan Rose. It includes a Moroccan Black Soap, 100% Pure Organic Argan Oil, Moroccan Ghassoul Clay Mask, Loofah Leather Poof, and a Moroccan Kessa Exfoliating Glove and Toiletry Bag.

Zakia Moroccan Hammam Home Rose Spa Kit
I want to try the Amber Musk Black Soap next, only in the larger 16 oz. size.


What I did was to shower first to prep my body for the Moroccan Black Soap. At first glance, this 100% natural olive oil planted based castile and argan oil soap is a murky dark green color in the jar that doesn’t look very appealing.  I dug my fingers into this rose-scented goop and slowly rubbed the product over my body.  Instead of a foamy lather like a body gel or wash, this is creamier with more light suds.  After I had everything covered, I further worked the soap in with the help of the loofah leather poof.

There was also a jar of mineral-rich Moroccan Ghassoul Clay Mask for a deep facial or cleansing hair to get rid of lingering styling products.  This is a fine powder that I reconstituted with about two tablespoons of warm water first.  Since my complexion is on the dry side, I wanted to use this mask on my hair since I was planning to color it soon.   I worked the mask into my wet hair and left in on as well while waiting for the soap to dry.

Afterwards, I waited about five minutes until my skin tingled slightly.  This was my signal to rinse the soap off and about the right time to rinse out the hair mask.

This was my clue to work with the Kessa Exfoliating Glove.  Once against my skin, it left my body even softer than it felt after that moisturizing soap.  Using a light pressure, I rubbed my damp back and other parts as gently as possible with a back and forth motion.  In the process, some dead skin fell away. You don’t use this Kessa Glove each time only once a week.

After giving myself one final rinsing, I dried but kept my skin slightly damp before immediately applying the Moroccan Argan Oil sparingly.  This was fast absorbing and made my skin as soft as silk from how its abundant vitamin E nourished the skin, deeply moisturizing to almost seal in the remaining drops of water like a protective coat.

Furthermore, my hair once dried was glossier and felt lighter somehow.  I really liked this product much more than a clarifying shampoo for lifting all that accumulation of hair styling products.

I honestly loved how extra soft my skin felt using the Zakia’s Morocco Hammam Home Rose Spa Kit compared to a body wash or gel and a nylon pouf.  If you want incredible feeling skin, I urge you to try this kit yourself or put it on your holiday gift buying list because would be a hit by any beauty lover.  Check it out at Zakia’s Morocco’s website!



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