A Beauty Plan for the Perfect Morning Glow for Skin

A Simple Beauty Plan for the Perfect Morning Glow woman with Beautiful Skin
This beauty can’t decide where to start first.


I don’t know how beautiful you look the first thing in the morning, but I need a cup of coffee before facing a mirror since I am far from glamorous when I wake up.  Due to my allergies, my eyes often are puffy or I have under eye darkness that is worse on some days than others to paler skin.  Now that you know my ugly secret, then I’ll share what I’ve been doing lately to help revive puffiness and less than luminous skin in exchange for a beautiful morning glow.

After I cleanse my face, I rinse with cold water and pat delicately to dry.  If my eyes are exceptionally puffy, I head to the kitchen for cucumber or potato slices to place over my eyes. Sometimes, I wet and substitute a tea bag. All these methods help reduce swelling and further my chances of achieving a great morning glow for skin.

If my allergies are causing more under eye darkness than my concealer can handle, I go a step further if time permits.  I turn to my homemade brightening eye cream for help in that area.

Before I think about makeup, I start by misting my face with a facial spray to soothe and nourish it.  I usually reach for a rose spray for this purpose.  After all, roses are known for their antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that can aid the skin to fend off inflammation, hydrate and serve to disinfect due to their antibacterial properties.

Next, I apply my moisturizer and gently massage it in using small, circular strokes. I keep this light pressure up for about four or five minutes is enough to stimulation circulation and more blood flow to the face. Afterwards, I carefully tap the moisturizer into my skin to best deliver it.

A few extra minutes devoted to lightly massaging your face helps relax the muscles and get the complexion off to a beautiful morning glowing start to my complexion.  When those facial muscles are less tense, there is more softness to the face and in the appearance of lines.  Try what I suggest here and you’ll notice a pleasing difference!



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