Earth Therapeutics Pro-Organic Purifying Body Care

Earth Therapeutics Pro-Organic Purifying Body Care wash and gloves
These two products offer a thorough, invigorating deep clean.


Something delightful that I was sent lately was the Pro-Organic Purifying Body Wash and Purifying Exfoliating Gloves from Earth Therapeutics to bathe with.  This bath gel has a light fruity-floral fragrance while offering deeper clean from the medicinal bamboo charcoal to draw out toxins from the pores along with other certified organic botanical ingredients such aloe, shea butter and sunflower seed oil, etc. to lovingly tend the skin.

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This product also never mistreated our animal friends for testing.  Furthermore, this body wash has no parabens, laurel or laureth sulfate as well as artificial colors to compromise its healthier formulation.

The consistency of this body wash is more gel like that squeezes from a tube.  It lathers well without needing to use very much.

The Purifying Exfoliating Gloves were especially nice to use with this body wash.  The feel of this fabric on the skin wasn’t as rough as a loofah when using, but provided more of a gentler exfoliation.  It was wonderful for smoothing the skin and stimulating circulation while the medical charcoal imbedded in the fabric helped to further pull out the toxins and impurities as I scrubbed.

When I emerged from the tub, I felt clean and more refreshed with softer skin.  I did like both of these products how they left the skin and gave a boost to improve circulation.  Anyone looking for new, more invigorating type of clean that can benefit the circulation should visit Earth Therapeutics and try the Pro-Organic Purifying Body Wash ($9.99) and Purifying Exfoliating Gloves ($7.99).  These also make great holiday stocking stuffer gifts for anyone on your list.  One of my other favorites from this company is their Charcoal Cosmetics Brush Set that I reviewed earlier.




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