Fuego Hot Sauce Box November 2017 Review

Fuego Hot Sauce Box November 2017
Here’s a tasty mix of spicy, heat!



Some people can’t understand my love of hot sauces that I use almost like they do with salt and pepper.  My feeling is the extra heat and spices intensify the flavor of foods while helping me burn more calories since it speeds up the metabolism.  The way I see it a hot sauce subscription like Fuego Box is a win-win for culinary enjoyment and the figure.

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For instance, let me tell you about this November selection.  Hoff’s Southern Stinger is an award winning sauce that has a nice zip from Scorpion chiles with a sweet, bright edge from oranges and carrots.  This was delicious sauce on scrambled eggs.

Born to Hula Harvest creates a new sauce every year featuring a different brand.  This year the company focused on Carribean red peppers along with apple juice, pumpkin and spices of the fall season for a unique flavor twist.  This is a medium sweet hot burn that was very good with fish.

The last one this month was Honey Squash Hot Sauce from Butterfly Bakery of Vermont.  This is medium hot sauce with green jalapenos, butternut squash, honey, and vinegar.  This was delicious on a burger, but I believe would perk up practically any dish that you use hot sauce on.

Fuego Box is great because they bring three artisan hot sauces to your door for just $29.95 per quarter with free USA shipping. You even get an informational card about each sauce and how best to enjoy them.

I dare you to find such unusual hot sauces in your local grocery store because you won’t.  This is the beauty of Fuego Box so check them out!



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