PUR Cosmetics Quick Pro Fully Charged Mascara & Lash Primer Kit for Extraordinary Lashes Review

PUR Cosmetics Quick Pro Fully Charged Mascara & Lash Primer Kit
This kit is valued at $44, but retails for just $18.00.


I don’t know what happened to my lashes.  They used to be thicker and somewhat longer, but now they are shorter and thinner than a few years ago.  My solution to make dramatic improvement in this department is my trusted heated eyelash curler and great mascara and lash primer.  However, I now can skip the eyelash curler thanks to PUR Cosmetics Quick Pro Fully Charged Mascara & Lash Primer Kit.

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What intrigued in this Quick Pro Fully Charged Mascara & Lash Primer Kit is its magnetic technology.  The Fully Charged Mascara’s unique, anti-aging formula has a magnetic polymer matrix that wraps a positively charged elastic veil around the lash.  This results in automatic lifting as the lash stretches and flawless separation instead of problematic clumping.  It also has provitamin B5 and biotinoyl tripeptide-1 for nourishing and strengthening lashes.

Before I sampled it, I applied the High Voltage Primer first.  After it dried, I brushed on a coat of this mascara.  Believe it or not, the formula even made my stubby lashes stand out after that one application and without the use of my eyelash curler.  My lashes weren’t sticking together or appearing fake, but even and naturally enhanced.  I was so thrilled that I went ahead and applied a second coat.  This time I saw a remarkable difference in more volume and length that I just gasped at what I saw in the mirror.

I also got to say my lashes didn’t feel brittle, but softer than my usual mascara.  If you ask me, this kit can be your lashes best friend.  After all, if it worked such magic on my practically nonexistent lashes without even curling them, I imagine it will do the same or even better for you.

The holidays are when you really want to look your best so check this kit out for yourself or any beauty lover on your gift list.   You can find Quick Pro Fully Charged Mascara & Lash Primer Kit ($18.00) at the PUR Cosmetics.  Just do yourself a favor and try it because you’ll thank me.


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