Rituals Voyage en Inde Oriental Essence Eau de Parfum Review — Your New Spicy Winter Fragrance

This is a powdery spice fragranc, not a cloying one.

Winter is the ideal time to wear richer, spicy fragrances to cozy up with.  One attention-getting oriental floral I tried lately is Rituals Voyage en Inde Eau de Parfum.  This enchanting fragrance from perfumer, Elise Benat, was created in 2016. 

With powdery woods, exotic spices tempered by fresh floral notes of jasmine absolute and patchouli, this is a revamped take of a traditional spicy, amber fragrance.  What you have is sophisticated, seductive and yet warm as well as surprisingly soft in the scent’s intriguing allure.  

Sensual and full of luxurious opulence, I fell in love with Voyage en Inde and the unforgettable combination of its enticing foreign notes.  You can’t help feel as if this fragrance carried you to another time and faraway place that is unfamiliar, but captivating in its uniqueness.

If you’re searching for a different kind of spicy fragrance that has a clean, sweetness and longevity for you or those on your holiday gift list, then I highly recommend Rituals Voyage en Inde Eau de Parfum ($75) when it is available.  Look for it and other fine perfumes at Rituals website.



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