Allegria Eau de Parfum: A Joyous Escape to Summer

Allegria Eau de Parfum
Allegria EDP happens to be one of my new favorite floral perfumes!


What is it about Allegria Eau de Parfum from luxury beauty brand, Rouge Bunny Rouge, that is so joyful in how effortlessly this woody-floral captures the feeling but essence of spring evolving into summer?  Yet, the perfumer, Sonia Constant, mastered exactly the right notes for this green aromatic floral that can brighten your mood and make you forget cold, dreary weather.

Allegria Eau de Parfum Is a Complicated Aromatic Floral 

The Allegria fragrance opens with a sparkling energy from notes of bergamot, sour orange, grapefruit, and passion fruit.  The initial juicy freshness grabs your attention, being so luminous.

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As it soon warms in the heart, this fragrance evolves from the marriage of its herbs notes of mint nanah, basil, buchu, eucalyptus to the floral mimosa absolute.  The former freshness undergoes a transformation and becomes cleaner and aromatic from the influence of green, which matures it with a sensual, but earthy feeling.  You feel a part of nature, but beyond somewhere indoors where elegance is the norm.

By the time Allegria dries in the base, it heats up from woody notes of cedarwood, hawthorn along with dry amber, enveloping it with a rich spicy sweetness that  takes on a fuzzy sort of coziness from the musk, moss and tonka bean that is very inviting as well as seductive.

If you are searching for a memorable aromatic floral that is not in the least shy to help you make a great impression for you or someone on your holiday gift list, Allegria fits the bill.  It has such feminine beauty supplemented by a confident inner strength that makes it demand attention.

Allegria Eau de Parfum is ($129.00) at Rouge Bunny Rouge.  Use #coupon code RBR-NUTS4STUFF20 and save 20% off in their Web Boutique.  Check it out!  Trust me, but you will love it.



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  1. gloria patterson
    March 23, 2019 / 2:27 pm

    This sounds so good love all of the different notes and the bottle is pretty. I love fragrances and you used to be able to get samples to use. Today you get a card with some sprayed on it. For me I have to try it several days to see how I like and I want at least one compliment from somebody on it.

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