Ritual of Hammam Bath and Body Care From Rituals

Ritual of Hammam four Bath and Body Care products From Rituals
You’ll spend more time in your tub to savor Rituals aromatherapy cleansing.


I am one of those people that take great pleasure in a long therapeutic bath.  Surrounded by my healing oils, salts, scrubs, gels, and soaps, I savor my private time to recover after a hard day to unwind and lose myself to aromatherapy as well as cleansing.  The other day I told you about my first experience with Rituals Ayurveda line of luxurious spa like healing products.  Today, I want to fill you in on their Ritual of Hammam products I was sent for bath and body care to bring on wellness.

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I started with The Ritual of Hammam Ultra Hydrating Black Soap ($15.00).  The scent of its eucalyptus is so invigorating when you spend time with it.  This is a dark soap with pure olive that slides over the body, deeply moisturizing as it cleanses, delivering skin nutrients.  During the five minutes or so that I left it on before rinsing, I benefitted from its soothing #aromatherapy and found myself relaxing.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I should have started with the Black Soap or The Ritual of Hamman Body Mud ($17.00) first.  Therefore, I tried the mud next.  This product also has that fresh eucalyptus scent in its thick, black consistency from its purifying Rhassoul clay.  I rubbed my body with it and left it on for about two minutes to allow its minerals to soak in before washing it off.

Afterwards, I had The Ritual of Hammam Refreshing Foaming Shower Gel ($15.00).  This is a rich, but even more stimulating foam due to its eucalyptus and rosemary that lathered well for cleaning away any lingering mud effortlessly.

Though it was hard to leave my tub, I didn’t want my skin to shrivel and finally emerged from my peaceful bath.  I remembered I still had The Ritual of Hammam Body Mist ($25.00) to try. This really helps prolong that #spa experience with how its rosemary and eucalyptus work with your senses, revitalizing you in a way that is hard to describe.

I really like the Rituals line of bath and body with both the Ayurveda and now this Hammam line in how they work on the body and senses for balancing the body, mind and spirit. If you want to experience something more than just a bath or shower, I recommend visiting Rituals and trying these products firsthand.  They also make wonderful, thoughtful gifts when making out your holiday gift list.  Check it out!



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