Yasou Natural Skin Care Vegan Cellular Day Cream and Cell Renewal Night Cream Review–For a Complexion to Celebrate

Yasou Natural Skin Care Vegan Cellular Day Cream
This is a thicker cream that you use very little of.


I truly believe in the difference that organic skin care can make to improve a complexion.  Why feed the skin of diet of man-made chemicals when you can deliver those beneficial ingredients in a healthier way?  Yasou Natural Skin Care uses Greek traditions and culture along with science and technology in their organic skin care formulations like their Vegan Cellular Day Cream and Cell Renewal Night Cream that I have been using over the past weeks.

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Yasou Vegan Cellular Day Cream is 99.6% natural with certified organic extra virgin olive oil, a MFA complex and the brand’s proprietary Calityl-O-Complex for anti-aging firming, elasticity, moisturizing, brightness, cell regeneration, and stimulating collagen with grape seed and apple extracts.  The formula has natural alpha hydroxy acids, vitamins, fruit extracts, cucumber extract, green tea extract among others to boost complexion renewal.

The Day Cream is luxurious, but a thicker cream than you may be expecting.  Therefore, you only need a small amount to do your face.  In fact, this cream makes a wonderful primer before your makeup.

Yasou Natural Skin Care Cell Renewal Night Cream
The night cream is not as thick as the day cream.

The Cell Renewal Night Cream is 99.2% natural with certified organic extra virgin olive oil, their revolutionary Hyadisine, sourced from the ocean and proprietary Calityl-O-Complex for anti-aging.  In addition, other skin-loving ingredients are aloe, organic fruit oils and extracts, shea butter, vitamins, and more.

The Night Cream is a bit thinner in consistency than the Day Cream.  Both also have a slight fruit scent, not a distinct one that will overpower or be easy to recognize.  Furthermore, these vegan creams are cruelty-free and Leaping Bunny certified.  They also are made in the United States!

Unlike their chemical counterparts, organic skin care takes a bit longer before the complexion responds.  This is because it takes the skin some time to purge the impurities deep in the pores.  Afterwards, the nutrients have true access for repairing, healing and optimally supplying the skin with only what it needs instead of stuffing it with silicones and other ingredients to plump up lines and smooth as well as a host of other chemical ingredients and preservatives.

What I noticed at first was mostly how extremely soft my face felt when I touched it.  The more days that I used these creams, the more my complexion took on a glowing radiance.  I can’t say all wrinkles are gone now, but they appear less prominent, even my laugh lines. Maybe the reason is because the texture of my skin is smoother with fewer visible pores in addition to an inner glow that is shining from the skin to the surface that makes me feel this way.

You have but one face so why not take care of it in the same way you do for your body in how you nourish it?  I am very impressed with Yasou Natural Skin Care Vegan Cellular Day ($70.00) Cream and Cell Renewal Night Cream ($80.00) and definitely love my results.

If want to do my complexion a real service, I highly recommend visiting Yasou Natural Skin Care and trying these Vegan Creams (now $135) for you as well as anyone on your holiday gift list because they and you will be thrilled with what you later find in your mirror!




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