Cold Sores and Home Remedies That Spell Relief

cold sore
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At some stage in your life, you probably will come down with a cold sore.  Unlike a canker sore, this is a fever blister caused by the active herpes simplex virus 1 that appears outside of the mouth unlike the canker sore, which painfully appears inside the mouth with grayish or white sore wrapped in red inflammation.  Therefore, let me share some facts on cold sores along with some home remedies that can spell faster relief to that pain.

The strange thing about the herpes simplex virus that causes cold sores is that it can stay dormant inside the body for a long time before surfacing or it can be triggered in  different ways.

An outbreak can occur due to internal causes.  For starters, take stress.  When you’re under a lot of stress, your body works against you, releasing chemicals like cortisol that can cause an outbreak.

Missing sleep because of that stressful situation or trying to take on more than your body can handle also does the same thing in confusing your hormones and brain chemicals to react against you.

Something as harmless as staying in the sun too long can cause cold sores to emerge.  The reason for this is because the sun’s rays can weaken your immune system.

Of course, you can always blame your period.  Menstruation causes hormone chaos that can lead to cold sore outbreaks.

Food allergies are another cause of cold sores.  When your body reacts and spurs histamine into action, which causes wild disruption in your system, this can also account for cold sores.

If you happen to get one, then you know how painful and unsightly a cold sore can be.  Therefore, you need a plan of action to heal promptly. Here are several DIY remedies that can help with the pain and speeding up drying the cold sore.

What you might want to try is ice on the cold sore.  The extreme cold of the ice will do the trick to slow to down the herpes virus since it causes the skin’s metabolic rate to plummet.

Another DIY trick is using a wet black or herbal tea bag.  The tannic acid can help slow down the reproduction cycle of the  herpes simplex virus.

Plain yoghurt can be useful to rescue your ailing mouth.  Apply a little of the yoghurt with a cotton ball to the sore will help alleviate some of the pain due to its probiotics.  At the same time, it is a good idea to eat about a cup a day.  It can help internally since it has lysine that can curb the effects of the arginine, the amino acid culprit behind the outbreak.

I hope that a cold sore will not happen to you, but it is always best to be prepared with these cold sore home remedies!


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