Fuego Hot Sauce Subscription Box December 2017


Fuego Hot Sauce Subscription box
Hot sauce helps speed up the metabolism to help burn more calories!


A trick that I find helpful to stay warmer when it’s cold is to use more hot sauces on my foods and recipes when cooking.  This extra addition of spicy fire always adds a welcome savory nip to boost up flavor.  A Fuego hot sauce subscription always keeps my cooking creativity evolving with each new trio of hot sauces that arrive each month.

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Fuego Hot Sauce Subscription Assortment for December 2017

This month I found Bigfat’s Sea of Green Verde Style Hot Sauce.  This is a versatile, medium heat of a sauce.  It has roasted tomatillos, poblano and habanero peppers enhanced to their delicious potential from garlic, tangy lime juice and cilantro that you can sprinkle freely on a bounty of foods.

El Machete Insurgente has fire-roasted orange habanero peppers, garlic, carrots, onion, and spices to fire up dishes.  I did add some to my bean dip instead of cayenne pepper and it was devilishly good.  Next time, I plan on using some to marinade chicken in.

Red Robot Peachslap is a fruit-inspired hot sauce with peaches to balance out the heat of the habanero peppers.  The result is a very pleasing milder heat with bit of sweetness to it, which I enjoyed this morning on my scrambled eggs.

If you love the taste of hot and spicy or have friends and family that do or are trying to lose weight, then a Fuego Box  hot sauce subscription would make a perfect gift.  For $29.95 per quarter, you get three artisan hot sauces with free USA shipping. You also get an informational card about each sauce and how best to enjoy them.  Check it out!



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