Glo Skin Beauty Contour Kit (Fair to Light) Review + Swatches

Glo Skin Beauty Contour Kit
This is the Fair to Light Contour Kit.


One of my favorite forms of makeup is contouring and highlighting palettes.  With this one product, I can totally change the look of my face through shadows and light by artificially carving out a new bone structure.  The Glo Skin Beauty Contour Kit is an exciting option toward that goal from what I discovered.

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This Glo Skin Beauty Contour Kit comes in two shades the fair to light version that I selected and a medium to dark grouping of four mineral powders.  You also get instructions for placement attached inside this $38.00 kit.  The packaging is cardboard with a slip cover and magnetic closure to this slim kit.

Glo Skin Beauty Contour Kit swatches
The highlight shades are on the left, but didn’t photograph well with the contour shades on the right.


Inside the Glo Skin Beauty Contour Kit (Fair to Light), both contour shades are matte, but one is slightly darker with more bronze brown to it while the other has more pink to the brown.  As far as the highlight shades go, there are two.  The first one is matte and the other shimmering champagne.

These powders are smooth, easy to blend and don’t streak.  They did provide enough pigment to keep my makeup natural and stayed true without fading for hours, which is important to me.

If you’re searching for a wonderful Contour Kit that can help keep your shadows and highlighting realistic instead over the top, then you should check out this one from Glo Skin Beauty at the company’s website!

Something else that I recommend is reading my earlier post with some makeup tips on contouring, especially useful for an aging face.



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