Cleaning Suede Between Professional Cleanings

Cleaning Suede Between Professional Cleanings
This post can help better maintain your suede jacket or coat.


You can’t beat the look and warmth of a suede coat or jacket. The only problem is cleaning suede can run into money with how many times you get it professionally cleaned.

One of my favorite jackets in college was this heavy suede with a plush fur collar that tied instead of buttoned.  It was so heavy that I named it the “tank” because it protected me through the worst weather.  Despite how frigid the temperatures could be, I felt cozy while waiting for my bus after classes.

Cleaning Suede at Home in Between Professional Cleanings Prolongs Wear

My only complaint about the “tank” was how expensive the professional cleaning became each season I retired it. Still, it always came back to its beauty but that cleaning bill did quickly add up in time.  Nonetheless, it was worth it to someone like me that couldn’t hold up in the cold.

If you own a suede jacket and notice a small spot, take a clean, but soft, rubber art gum eraser to it and gently rub.  Cleaning suede like this helped me remove some small spots in between going to the dry cleaner.

Once I did drop my pen and got some ink on my jacket.  What I did was spray the spot lightly with some hair spray.  Test the hair spray inside the jacket or coat in an inconspicious spot first before trying this directly on the spot.  This way you will know if the material is up to it or not.  After the treated spot dried, I rubbed it with the eraser, which helped.

Perhaps, you haven’t worn your jacket or suede coat for a while and notice it collected some dust and lint from just hanging.  Save a pair of old pantyhose and then crunch them up in your hand to make a ball to rub over the jacket or coat.  Believe it or not, the pantyhose act like a magnet to draw off the dust and lint.

These cleaning suede tips that I’m sharing with you can help keep your jacket or coat better maintained and beautiful longer.


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