How to Achieve the Most Natural Looking Brows

How to Achieve the Most Natural Looking Brows
This is a foolproof method to give your brows the most natural look.


Before I had my brows professionally done, I made more mistakes with them than I care to admit.  However, I also picked up some valuable pointers for achieving the most natural looking brows that changed all that for me that I thought would be helpful for you as well.

Regardless of the brow product that you prefer, the most important thing that can improve the look of your brows is color choice.  I have found that two shades lighter than the actual color of my dark brown brows always works out the best whether I’m using a pencil, powder, gel or pen.

On the other hand, if you’re an extremely fair-haired blond, then you need to darken.  Look for a color that is one to two shades darker than your original brow.

If you’re still not sure deciding on the shade, then it’s always best to keep your brows on the neutral side with a matte taupe brow instead of overdoing it with the wrong product.  Taupe does seem to work well for all.

What else I learned was that once the brow product was applied that following up with a spoolie brush or even a clean, old mascara wand is necessary. Smoothing the brows in the right direction of how they grow helps blend in the product and clean up any excess.  This simple step does wonders to keep the look of the brows more natural.

If you remember just these two brow tips, I guarantee that you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much better the outcome will be for achieving the most natural looking brows.

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