Using Intuition to Overcome Obstacles


Woman Using Intuition to Overcome Obstacles
This beauty listens to her inner voice.


I do not know one person that can honestly admit that their life is perfect.  However, some are just better than others by redirecting stress to overcome obstacles and channeling it to work for them instead of against.  In doing so, they concentrate on blocking out the stumbling blocks of negativity by focusing that energy in a productive, new direction by listening to their intuition.

Of course, it is not easy to listen to that inner voice that is trying to tell you something.  Most of the time, our minds are so consumed with the current state of our lives that we drown it out to such a low volume that we basically cannot hear or heed its warning.

You may be skeptical of trusting your intuition, but it a built-in tool that can help guide you when you need it to initiate change.  Yet, you’re probably wondering how can you give validity to a mere feeling?  The answer is to start small in trying to develop it.

Anything new can be frightening, but you need to take a step at a time.  For example, ask yourself some questions to practice such as how you help your child, perhaps, be more outgoing or whether to accept a job offer or even just call someone that you haven’t talked to for ages, etc.  Before long, you will get a guiding feeling one way or another with what your gut is trying to tell you.

Though as beneficial as intuition may be, you also need to be logical as well, especially when making important decisions.  Don’t forget facts, but take instinct into consideration as you do.  The more practice that you do using facts in combination with intuition as you develop it can help give you more clarity and insight into viewing past obstacles toward the goals you want.



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