How to Keep a Candle Burning Longer

candle burning-on-holiday-table
This tip will help keep your candles in better shape and burning longer.


You might be dining by candlelight over the holidays.  As beautiful as they are to grace your table, the only drawback is how messy those candles can become after a short time.  Yet, I have a tip to help solve the problem of excessive dripping and the candle burning longer.  This process to keep any candle burning longer is easier than you may think.  However, you need  just two ingredients and a minimum of effort toward this simple task.

Start the night before by soaking your candle in a flat pan that can hold enough water to cover them (about two cups).  What you need to do is add two tablespoons of ordinary table salt and keep the candle soaking until the next night.  Resist the urge to take it out of the treated water too soon because the salt solution process needs an entire day for it to penetrate the wax that causes it to develop a protective coating, which helps the candle burning longer.

Make sure to thoroughly dry the candle first before attempting to light it.  If you try this little household solution I have for your candle burning longer, you will be shocked at that amount of extra time you gain preserving it and how much more neatly the candle will burn!

You also may be curious about how to clean scented candles.  If so,  I hope that you’ll read another helpful post.  This tip will solve that problem and reinvigorate its former beautiful scent.


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