Treets Traditions Relaxing Bath Tea and Shower Cream


Treets Traditions Relaxing Bath Tea and Shower Cream
These bath products offer a soothing escape from holiday stress.


After a long day at the computer, I look forward to a leisurely bath with my relaxing salts, fragrant oils, bath gels and creams to cleanse and soothe. Usually, it is hard to get me to budge from my tub too soon once I close that bathroom door and spend time soaking with my collection of body pampering bath products.

Two new bath products that joined me the other night were from Treets Traditions with their Relaxing Chakra’s Bath Tea and Shower Cream. This company’s formulas have Asian roots centered around ceremonial bathing rituals and contain no SLS, SLES, parabens, silicones, colors or mineral oils.

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Their Relaxing Chakra’s Bath Tea in Rose & Ricebran Oil ($12.00) was a new experience for me.   Inside the package, I found three giant, heavenly scented tea bags.

Let me tell you that once I put one bag in my tub and ran a hot bath, the scent of roses filled the room. However, once I settled into my bath, I found how silky that fragrant water felt, which was not surprising considering the formula has rose petals and hibiscus as well for their hydrating skin benefits.  Honestly, I lost track of time after a while but was quickly brought back to reality when a member of the family knocked on the door to see what happened to me.

Feeling guilty that I was indulging too long, I reached for the tube of the Shower Cream in Nourishing Spirits ($12.00).  The product has African Marula oil and Kalahari melon oil for pampering the body with its sweet melon scented moisture.  This provided a creamy lather that was a pleasure to wash with.

Besides softer skin, I loved how the fragrances clung to my body with a mix of roses and melon that didn’t fade after a few minutes.  If you’re hoping to find products to revive your mood, you should try Treets Traditions, particularly Relaxing Chakra Bath Tea in Rose & Ricebran Oil.




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